Skibbel –

SKIBBEL is at first glance a well-designed sexting platform but…

Skibbel is a sexting app that promises to have racy conversations with men and women from all over the world. And the platform, it must be said, works wonderfully. We choose our sex, the gender with which we want to chat (although as in many other chats, we end up chatting mainly with men, even if we select the opposite) and, finally, we indicate a description that will appear next to our camera (in the manner of Tinder or Bazoocam), and that’s it. We connect randomly with other users.

The platform’s interface has it all: text, audio, image or video.

The platform allows you to video chat, send audios or just photos. When we connect with a user, their description, their name and their country appear, so we know in which language to address the person we are chatting with before even starting the conversation.

However, everything that this chat promises disappears as soon as we start using it.


Unfortunately, all the software work is ruined due to the lack of moderation of this chat. And, according to our experience, for every 100 female chat users… 94 of them have turned out to be advertising bots! In this chat we are continually spammed by robots that send us links to their contact pages and encourage us to download dating apps. A shame!

So, although we are not usually so categorical, our experience in this chat is so conclusive that we are going to give you some advice: Don’t waste your time in this chat, nor risk being deceived or scammed! There are equally or better designed alternatives, and with much better moderated chats.