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Welcome to Joggy’s Review-2020. Joingy is a legit site where strangers connect through chats. We will discuss various features such as important features of Joingy, website usage, layout, search options, safety and security features, and many more. Check out this review to understand more about the site.

Joingy is a free chat site that connects random strangers to chat online only through text messages or video chats. The site uses a webcam roulette to connect random strangers online. It allows people with different interests to join the platform and have fun.

Accepted people are those 13 years old or older, but teenagers under 18 years old are recommended to ask their parents or guardians for permission before joining the platform.

How does Joingy work?

Joingy works by connecting strangers with each other through the use of webcam roulette. It has different chat types that members need to select, including adult, teen, single, and gay, in which users can switch to whatever they need.

It also has an “Interests” option that matches people based on their mutual interests. There is no registration process followed for one to use this site.

Audience analysis

The following characteristics characterize the audience on this platform:

Age: The site allows people 13 years of age or older to join its platform. Those under 18 years of age can change to teenagers in the interests section when using the site.
Geographical Distribution: The platform comprises people from all over the world.
Sexual Orientation: The site does not restrict any sexual orientation. People with different sexual orientations can connect through chats either through text-only or video chats.
Gender: All genders can join this platform. Males and females can interact freely.
Ethnicity: There are no restrictions set for any ethnic group to join and use the site. Furthermore, people from all over the world mingle on the platform that unites various ethnic groups.
Education Level: Any member can join regardless of her education level. Children from 13 years old to adults can join with their education levels without restrictions.
Relationship Status: Accepts people of all relationship statuses, such as single, married, divorced, or separated.

Key Features

Chat with strangers: You can chat with visitors who are listed as “strangers” for anonymity purposes.
Interests – This feature allows you to add your interests by adding topics you are interested in discussing. You are connected with people who share the same problems as you after adding some topics.
Text Only: There is a text only area that allows you to talk to anyone you want anonymously by messaging only.
Video Chat – This feature allows you to chat with strangers face to face in the webcam area. Simply use the microphone and camera and enter the roulette chat to see those who are online. Video chats can be accessed from any mobile device or tablet.
Theme Roulette – This feature allows you to chat with an unlimited number of strangers with random themed conversations.
Tab Notifications: Tab notifications involve browser tabs alerting users of any new messages received.
Global Users – This allows you to see the global users who are online at the top of the screen.

Is the Joggy platform easy to use?

The site is easy to use with text and video sections that have interesting features that provide fun and efficiency to the users.

Conversations also connect quickly, allowing users to enjoy quick conversations.

Joingy design and usability

Users can efficiently use the website of this platform due to its interactive interface that is easy to use. It is designed with simplicity to make it easy for everyone to understand and use.

The icons are simple to use. Furthermore, the attractive colors with dominant blue color and well-designated functions in the app make it interesting for the users.

The available icons are also well illustrated; For example, the “Text Only Icon” is illustrated with a message icon. At the same time, the “Video Chat” icon is also illustrated well to show that it is for videos. Additionally, the functions are described in simple language so that anyone can understand them.

The top right of the site has a minimized tab that has features including the following:

start chatting
Joingy Blog
Chat rules
Post a Tweet
Share on Facebook
Report a bug
Select the language.

Joingy Mobile App

There are mobile applications for Android and iPhone.

Members must download the apps for free through Google Play and App Store, respectively.

They can also use the web version to access the platform.

Customer Support

Yeah. Joingy has an active customer support team that offers member services related to the site.

Some of the services offered include responding to member questions and comments.

Customer support can be reached through the app by sending an email stating your issue.

You may also access the Website to obtain information about issues relating to the use of the Site that may be challenging for you. This is done by reading the FAQ section.

Joingy Registration Process and Profile Creation

Joingy does not have any registration as its goal is to connect people instantly without accounts while maintaining anonymity between users.

This is one of the few sites that does not require registration and its platforms are easy to access.

Profiling is not a necessity here. Just join and start chatting with other strangers, and you can see them through video chats.

How to register

There are no steps to register as the site has free entry without registration.

This is also a unique feature of Joingy, unlike other alternative sites. This offers a quick way to connect members.

This site, however, claims not to be a dating site, but simply a site that offers a quick means for strangers to meet. Members are requested not to take any relationship on this platform seriously.

Profile details and verification methods

Members of this platform do not need to provide personal data in the profile. They must maintain anonymity while interacting with strangers.

This requirement usually leads to many fake profiles being posted on dating sites. This site claims to take all possible measures to avoid scammers and those who post uncalled-for content to keep the site safe.

However, this platform does not offer verification methods, but there is a moderation team that moderates the content.

Joingy Search

Joingy does not have fancy search options, unlike other online dating sites. This is because members do not reveal their personal data (for anonymity purposes) that could be used in the search process.

However, members look for those who are online displayed at the top of the screen and can connect through chats.

Members can also visit the interests section to search for those who share the same interests. The locations shown are added to the member search criteria on the platform.

Match and Chat on Joingy

This platform allows you to chat with everyone. The chats involve videos and text messages between strangers on the platform.

Once you choose your location, you will be quickly assigned a chat partner. Additionally, there is a common interests area that helps match users based on their mutual interests.

Users can also use the interests section to search for their matching partner; For example, singles can go to the section and type “single” as a search criteria to find their partners.

The following types of chats are available and you can select any according to your needs:

Adult Chat: Adults are available in video chat rooms. However, the platform encourages people to avoid sex-related conversations to keep it as clean and familiar as possible. However, some people deviate from this rule as most of the adults on this platform are sex-oriented and end up posting sexual content. You are allowed to disconnect anyone who deviates from the site’s chat rules and terms and conditions.
Teen Chat: You have to navigate to the “Interests” option and enter “Teen” to switch to a less moderated section. All users must be at least 13 years old to join the site. Minors under 18 years of age are recommended to ask their parents or guardians for permission. The teen section also promotes anonymity; therefore, you are expected not to provide personal information.
Singles Chat: If you are looking for a no-strings-attached relationship, go to the “Interests” option and type “Single” as the match option. This allows you to find other members who are also single and ready to connect with you. The Joingy team advises you not to take any relationship on this site seriously as this is not a dating platform like others that promise serious relationships between members.
Gay Chat – If you are gay or just need to start a gay chat conversation, enter an “LGBT” section and add your interests. If you are interested in a specific topic, choose whatever you want as a keyword. Then you can join the text section for private one-on-one rooms or turn on your webcam to meet lots of strangers who are online to start random video chatting.

Types of Joingy Memberships

The type of membership offered by Joingy is only the free membership as all services are offered for free.

All you need to do is download the app through the App Store or Google Play, or use the web version to use the services.

There is no premium membership offered on this platform.

Free membership

Free membership is the only form of membership available on this platform. The following services are available to use for free:

Free entry to the platform without registration.
Free chat site that allows you to randomly chat with strangers.
Free video chats.
Free webcam chats.
Free live chat online.
Free online voice chats.
Free web video chat.

Paid Membership

The membership available is completely free. There are no options offered for a paid membership. All you need to do is join and start enjoying the services of the platform.

Joingy Subscriptions

There are no subscriptions available for the site. Once you sign up, you have the right to use the services available for free.

Canceling your Joggy subscription

Since no subscriptions are required for members, there are no cancellations involved.

Joggy security and protection

Joggy is working to ensure the safety of its users while using its platform. The following are some of the measures implemented by the site for this purpose:

The site has a contact page where users can connect with Joingy staff if they have any problems. Users can use this contact page to report bugs, feedback or any other problems.
Visitors are shown as “strangers” to each other to ensure privacy and anonymity.
It has terms and conditions that are intended to promote member safety. Members are expected to accept the terms and conditions before using the platform. Some of the terms and conditions refer to the age requirements to use the platform, the accuracy of the materials on the site and the modifications that indicate that Joingy may revise the terms of service on the website and the application at any time without prior notice.
There is automatic spam detection on the platform to minimize spammers.
There is a team working to eliminate those who go against Joingy’s rules.
There are established chat rules. Members must agree to the chat rules and disclaimer to access Joingy platforms. You are asked to disconnect chats from strangers who misbehave.

Joingy Competitors and Alternatives

The site faces a lot of competition from alternative sites that offer the same services to members. This is a common problem that happens with the other alternatives because there are many online platforms for members to connect with strangers, and most of them are free. Some of these alternatives include TalkwithStranger, Flingster, Chatrandom, Tempocams, Camsroulette, Guysroulette, Omegle, Dirtyroulette and many more.

This review briefly describes the first three competitors in the examples provided to give you an overview of each of them.


This site offers free random chats with strangers in private chat rooms. Members can chat and exchange photos and videos with strangers. There is no registration and no login is required. Offers free local talks for all ages and genders. The age outlined in TalkwithStranger’s terms and conditions is 13 years old for people to join the platform. It has a mobile app for Android and iPhone users.


Flingster is a random chat site for adults of all genders and relationship statuses. It is a site for chatting and meeting new people and has a simple registration process that asks you to provide just your email address and gender to start chatting with no verification process. Video chat is one of the free services offered on the site. There is currently no mobile application available. Instead, members use mobile and desktop versions that work the same way.


Chatrandom is a free video chat app that allows you to easily talk to strangers from all over the world through free adult roulette. It makes use of free webcams, and you quickly connect with a stranger to start video chatting one-on-one via webcam while remaining anonymous. Joining this platform is simple: just select your gender and agree to the terms and then start meeting random strangers. You can select the gender and location of the stranger you would like to connect with. A mobile app is available to download for both Android and iPhone users.


Joggy offers the best free services to connect strangers who want to chat anonymously. People can express themselves better on the platform and search for what they want while their information remains secure. However, the platform accepts children from the age of 13 who are likely to interact with sexual content that should only be reserved for adults.

Therefore, it is necessary for the site to establish an adults-only area despite offering free services and an easy way to connect strangers. If you are an adult who wants to meet strangers for fun and have no strings attached, we recommend using it. Otherwise, we suggest you look for other alternative sites that offer the services you are looking for. Anyway, you should try it and see for yourself!