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Nowadays, most people lead a very busy lifestyle to achieve their goals. As a result, they find it difficult to make new friends to share their emotions and other things. With the rapid growth of technologies, it is easier every day to connect with strangers and form new relationships. Today, there are web platforms and mobile applications that aim to meet the expectations of users who want to chat with others easily. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate them very carefully to choose the right one.

Emerald web platform to meet new people

Esmeralda is a web platform designed to meet new people online quickly. The platform allows users to find interesting people from different fields as quickly as possible. Offers ways to get in touch with people who have similar interests. Anyone who wants to chat with strangers can use this platform because it offers the best features. In fact, the platform is the right destination for those who want to identify their special someone in easy steps. At the same time, users should read the instructions carefully before chatting.

How does it work?

EmeraldChat is claimed to be the alternative to Omegle and its user interface is almost the same. As Omegleno requires too much information to register and you can start a video chat with strangers freely.

To start video chatting with strangers, you have to go to the home page and click on the start button. Next, select the gender male-female, another after which you will be asked to select an option

One on One Text Chat
Video Chat
Group Chat

One-on-one text chat

In one on one chat you have the option to chat with a single person and you can select that person from 13 different hashtags and once you click on the hashtag of your interest Emerald will find a match for you, and then you can start chatting with that person.

Video chat

In an individual text chat you can only type chat with one person. If you want to see the other person through a webcam you will have to select the video chat option. Many people prefer this option and want to video chat with strangers. It is where you can find good friends or romance or can enjoy timely company. When using video chat you should be more careful and never give personal information or anything like that to any stranger, as many online scammers are always looking for innocent people to scam.

Group chat

Grupo Esmeralda chat offer its users the opportunity to join different groups that share common interests. Users can join chat groups by selecting the hashtags of interest.

What features does the Emerald web platform offer?

The web platform allows users to have conversations with text messages and video chats to ensure a better experience. Furthermore, emerald chat allows users to share photos and media files without any difficulty. Users can even filter matches by gender and location on this platform when they want to meet new people. The registration process is simple and allows you to find good friends in different parts of the world. Since the web platform is free to use, it allows you to connect with others as soon as possible.

Features Offered by Emerald Chat App

The application is currently in the development phase and will have unique features. Some of them are lightness, customization, frequent updates, full-time moderation, and excellent support. It will work on all mobile devices, allowing users to make calls with other people at high speed. Those who want to know more about the details can visit the official website which can help you start finding someone who has excellent qualities. La esmeralda chat The web platform allows you to establish new relationships in different places to share everything in a safe environment. On the other hand, it is essential to read the terms and conditions carefully before using the platform.


Esmeralda is a strangest video chat app that offers its basic services for free. But you can always become a member and enjoy some additional benefits. It offers two types of affiliate programs.

Emerald Gold Membership
Emerald Hall of Fame

Emerald Gold Membership

Emerald users can subscribe to Gold status by paying $3.89 per month. Emerald Gold users can enjoy many premium features such as gender filters and a blue tick next to the users name.

Emerald Hall of Fame

Esmeralda users can enter the Esmeralda hall of fame by paying $8.89 per month. Esmeralda’s Hall of Fame users profile appears in the first results and receives many friend requests and ultimately many opportunities to chat with people from all over the world.

It is safe?

Many people now use video chat apps to find new friends, romance or kill time. But many chat apps are not safe at all, they are either full of online scammers and inappropriate content, or there is a privacy risk. EmeraldChat claims to be the alternative to Omegle and the copied Omegle in everything, but here they seem to have shortcomings. As it does not require Emerald’s mobile app is still in development it can still be used and has the same easy to use control panel as its website.